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All Counties of Western Washington

Dana Williams, a University of Puget Sound Law School graduate, has practiced law in Lewis County since 1982. His practice has included almost every type of case from traffic infractions to Federal District Court civil litigation. He has tried cases in almost every county within the State of Washington.¬¬

He has been asked to serve as a pro tem judicial officer (Judge) in Lewis County Superior Court (Juvenile Division), Lewis County District Court, and the Municipal Courts in Chehalis, Centralia, Napavine, Winlock, and Vader.

Dana Williams believes in the people he represents beyond simply the legal cases which he is asked to present on their behalf. Clients are always provided an honest appraisal of their case and presented options based upon reality rather than fantasy. Once a complete discussion and understanding of the case has occurred, goals and action steps are established with participation by the clients in that complete process.

Dana Williams considers the presentation of legal cases to be a true collaborative, team effort. Clients are expected to actively participate in each part of their case.

Dana Williams’ law practice has emphasized criminal defense, real property and timber litigation, and family law litigation. He has a strong interest in representing and counseling small business enterprises and has spent considerable time defending small business owners against the predatory practices of government agencies and insurance companies.

Dana Williams is not the lawyer for everyone. His experience allows him to quickly analyze facts and provide clients with a simple, straight forward, appraisal and analysis of cases. There is no time for rank speculation, fantasy, or other nonsense as part of this process.

The law practice of Dana Williams has been particularly protective through the years of older citizens, military veterans, and children. Opposing parties have learned through the years that it is not particularly rewarding for them to attack the interests of such persons.

Dana Williams has successfully defended numerous criminal defendants in the Superior Courts and Districts Courts of Lewis County and adjoining counties as well. He has been successful on many such occasions and is prepared to share, upon request, some of the more notable case dispositions. He has not succeeded or won an acquittal in every case which he has taken to trial. This has taught Dana Williams humility, which humility serves his clients well in the advice which they are given.

Dana Williams has lived in Lewis County since 1945 and those roots run deep. Prior to becoming an attorney, he labored long and hard in farming, logging, and construction. He also served for 43 years as a career and volunteer firefighter.

He has logged on this land, dug in the dirt, worked in the mills, and on farms and has confronted and overcome just about every imaginable kind of physical challenge available to one who pursues hard labor.
Because of that experience, Dana Williams especially understands and appreciates working people.


Dana Williams has been married for 50 years and has accumulated during those years, a family which includes four children, ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. His love of family and experience over those last 50 years serve as the foundation for his commitment to resolution of cases for his clients which are fair, equitable, and to their ultimate benefit.

He is a military veteran, having served in the United States Air Force from 1964-1968, that service having provided to him a particularly thorough understanding of people who have served this country in the military.

Referrals are welcome in any area of the law and those who seek consultation should expect a thorough, honest, straight-to-the-point evaluation of their case and explanation as to whether they have a legal remedy on their facts. A onetime free consultation is available to anyone upon request.