Criminal Law

Dana Williams has 32 years of experience in criminal law trial practice. His aggressive advocacy on behalf of criminal defendants has proven effective in having won acquittals on many cases. If the government thinks they have a case they can prove, he makes them prove it. Examples of jury verdicts are available for review.

Social Security Disability Appeals

You have been denied disability or SSI benefits. I will make sure the records social security needs to evaluate your claim have been filed and I will represent you at hearing, if necessary. No benefits awarded, no fees for me.

Civil Litigation

Dana Williams has served as Plaintiff’s counsel and also defended civil litigation matters at trial for a period of over 32 years. Dana Williams takes a team approach to civil litigation which means that clients must invest time and effort in pursuit of a successful outcome. His most successful defense of a civil claim was the case of Ogden v. Sweet, a medical malpractice litigation which sought an award of $5,000,000.00. Plaintiffs recovered nothing.

Real Estate and Timber

Dana Williams has litigated multiple cases having to do with real estate and timber claims. He has won many judgments on boundary line disputes.

Guardianship and Probate

A relative is exploiting your elderly parent and has had them sign a power of attorney giving them full control of all finances. You need me to get into guardianship court right away to protect your parent.

Family Law

You have a family law case and need William Kogut to represent you because: You’re in a divorce and your spouse wants custody of the children, your home, your retirement, the cookie jar grandma gave you. You need me to turn the tide.