Why you need will Kogut to represent you in a guardianship or probate case:

You have a relative who can no longer make decisions for their financial or personal well being and you wish to become their guardian or have a professional guardian appointed. You have a relative who is seeking guardianship of your parent or other relative so that they can control that person’s money. You have a child with a disability who will soon be an adult. You are worried they cannot make decisions on their own or protect themselves from exploitation by others. You are an adult getting on in years and can take care of yourself, but you have a son or daughter who think otherwise and they have filed to become your guardian. You are a son or daughter who believes your parent might need some help, not what is called a full guardianship, but you have siblings who have filed with the court to be appointed full guardians of your parent.

You have been named personal representative in a will and need help with the probate process. A relative has died without a will and you need help going to court to see that the estate is handled properly. There is a will but it was signed by your relative on their death bed, heavily sedated, and he or she couldn’t have possibly wanted all their estate to go to the non relative named in the will . The relative’s signature is unrecognizable.

I will draft wills and other estate documents, including powers of attorney.