Why you need William Kogut to represent you:

You have made a claim for disability or SSI and been turned down.  You have received paperwork that says you have sixty days to appeal this decision. You don’t know what went wrong.  Maybe Social Security didn’t receive all your medical records—I can make sure that they do. Maybe  a doctor wrote a one sentence letter for you, but you need more detailed information from the doctor for Social Security to consider. I can communicate with a sympathetic  doctor to get the information the Administration needs. It may be your case needs to go before a Social Security judge for a hearing. I can prepare you and your case for hearing and appear at the hearing to present your case for you.  If we win, I receive a limited percentage of your back benefits. If we lose,  I get nothing.  I can help you with the transition to the next appeals level and refer you to and work with experienced counsel on that level.  I understand that you would be working if you could, but you’ve had some bad luck . You may have been working for years, paying into the system, and now it just looks like the system is against you. I can help.