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Why would I need an attorney to help me get Social Security benefits when I have worked all my life, I am obviously disabled and my neighbor who seems healthy to me got benefits no problem?
AIf your initial claim for benefits has been denied, the system is working against you, not for you. You need an attorney who knows what records the system needs and how your doctors can help you. With the economy having been poor and record amounts of claims being filed, the Administration judges aren’t looking to give you a break.
My spouse says we can work out an amicable divorce and handle real estate and child custody questions without the expense of attorneys. So why do I need an attorney?
A You are getting a divorce for a reason, your spouse is not your buddy anymore. You are not going to get credit for being a “nice guy” or “good girl.” The longer you wait to get an attorney, the more likely you are going to end up “playing defense” and mumbling to yourself, “But my spouse promised. . . .” If you don’t hire me now, our next meeting will likely be just days or hours before an “emergency” hearing your spouse has set to throw you out of your home and deny you access to your children.
I’m a grandparent who has been taking care of my underage grandchildren while their parents are off partying, doing drugs and whatever else, who knows. I’m sure the court will grand me custody of the kids, right?
A The courts recognize the parents’ “fundamental rights” to be parents. You think the courts are going to be sympathetic to you because you are a caring grandparent? This is a dangerous assumption. You need me to represent you because I have successfully represented grandparents in non-parental custody actions. I have been a family law guardian ad litem (custody investigator) for years and know what the courts and the GAL look for in these cases.
I think my brother/sister who says he/she is taking care of my elderly parent is actually taking their money. They had my parent sign a power of attorney and suddenly, even though they don’t have job, they are driving an expensive car and wearing all sorts of bling. I guess I can’t do anything about this, can I?
AYou can hire me and within 24 hours we can file a Vulnerable Adult Protection Action to begin protecting your parent from exploitation. We can along with that file a guardianship action so we can begin the process of appointing you or a professional guardian to see that you parent is properly looked after.
My parent has a professional guardian but I don’t think that guardian is doing their job, they are just running up fees for their benefit and they keep isolating me from my parent. What can I do?
AHire me and we can bring this situation to the attention of the court if it turns out we can’t work with the guardian to improve the situation. We can ask the court to appoint a guardian ad litem to investigate and see if a new guardian should be appointed. I have been a pro tem commissioner in guardianship cases, I know what the court finds to be inadequate performance by a guardian and what it will think is nitpicking and whining by a cranky son or daughter.